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Our July-August Featured artist now showing at the APCC Gallery.

Deborah Kapoor - Envelope Poems

ENVELOPE POEMS, an encaustic and mixed media exhibit of collaborative works by Deborah Kapoor will be on display July thru August 2021,during regular hours of 9-5 daily.

The exhibit is inspired by a book called The Gorgeous Nothings that discusses Emily Dickinson's creative writing process, highlighting "envelope writings" that are drafts of poems.  Kapoor invited fellow NM artist Molly Geissman to hijack the envelope form as a substrate for their constructive musings. Like a millennial Exquisite Corpse experiment, the works draw from the cultural elements of personal histories to mark time through the ubiquitous images of the everyday.

Kapoor creates dimensional, haptic works — translating perceptual details of physical experience, the landscape of the body, and themes surrounding feminine embodiment.

Inspired by the book The Gorgeous Nothings about Emily Dickinson’s drafts of poems written on her daily walks, artist Deborah Kapoor explores narratives of personal family histories using the deconstructed envelope form in her series entitled “Envelope Poems.“

She has exhibited at M. David & Co. in Brooklyn, New York. the Tacoma Art Museum, Square Foot Art Basel Miami, Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Trenton City Museum, the Crane Arts Center, Kimball Art Center, Seattle City Hall, ArtXchange Gallery in Seattle and commercial and university galleries, most recently at Texas A&M-Commerce.

Her work has been published in Encaustic Arts Magazine. Fiber Art Now, Surface Design Journal, Encaustic in the Twenty-First Century, Experience Painting (textbook), Authentic Visual Voices, The World Encyclopedia of Calligraphy, Paper + Wax, Techniques for Combining Handmade Paper with Encaustic, Encaustic with a Textile Sensibility and Studio Visit Magazine.

Reviews and interviews of her work have been featured in Vasari21, ArtBEAT Radio KKNW, Mercer Island Center for the Arts, Seattle Woman Magazine, Zocalo Tucson Magazine, the Chicago Reader, Chicago Sun-Times, Culture Seen, and Artscope Magazine.

Also a teacher, Deborah teaches painting and drawing at South Seattle College and has taught at numerous local institutions such as Bainbridge Art Museum, Delaware Art Museum, Bellevue College, Columbia College, College of DuPage, and Harper College.

She has enjoyed the generous support of awards including Faculty Development Grants for social justice at South Seattle College, the Gray Magness Fellowship Award at the University of Delaware, and the City of Chicago CAP Grant.

 You can see more of her work at ArtXchange Gallery in Seattle, Washington, a contemporary art gallery whose mission is cultural dialogue through art, reflecting the diversity of influences shaping the Seattle community and contemporary global culture.

She earned an MFA at the University of Delaware, and my BFA at the University of North Texas.


Our May - June featured artist showing at the APCC Gallery

Yasuko Kodama

Yasuko was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1935.  Her father was a businessman who enjoyed oil painting, and her mother, who came from a temple family, had a keen eye for art and kimono fashion.  Yasuko was raised alongside three brothers during a tumultuous time in Japanese history. Yasuko attended Sacred Heart Junior College in Tokyo.  Though conditions in post-war Japan were difficult, she enjoyed spending time with her friends and family and getting out of Tokyo to go to beaches and mountains when she could. Yasuko loved pouring through books about art.

In 1958, Yasuko came to the United States alongside her husband, who had been working on his doctorate and post-doctorate. This marked the start of their 56-year journey together of living between the United States and Japan.  

Busy raising two children and keeping up in an environment where English wasn’t her first language, Yasuko tucked her artistic eye into her cooking and projects such as quilting, creating hand-dyed textile fibers, weaving, and pottery.  

From the late 70s through the mid-nineties, Yasuko worked as a floral designer.  She also helped at a boutique floral shop in Tokyo as the family would spend many summers there.

Yasuko always had an interest in watercolor painting but had never had a chance to dive into this until 2018, two years after her husband’s death. Yasuko has been a student at Gage Academy of the Arts, studying with Willow Heath, Tom Hoffman, and Linda James, as well as watercolor instruction from artist Deborah Kapoor, who is faculty at South Seattle College. Yasuko has shown her work at many of the Era Living communities in their art exhibitions, curated by June Sekiguchi, Curator for Era Living.


Our March - April featured artist showing at the APCC Gallery

Karen Dedrickson Contemporary Sumi-e.   

Artist Bio

KAREN'S fascination for the Outdoors came from her childhood. Hiking with her father and four brothers; camping trips and fishing with hikes through the sage-covered red hills of New Mexico, back roads of Japan, Hawaii, Utah, to the mossy forests of the Hoh River. But when she watched her dad compose Nature with his Leica she was shown another way to see.  

Her art career began with oil and pastel in her twenties—inspired by her own photography. In her late forties, she dedicated herself to a 2-year atelier program at Gage Academy to deepen her skills in landscape painting. Then realized she'd rather paint the life force of nature. Show her reverence and feelings— Sumi-e gave her that way. An ancient Asian art form; painting black ink on rice paper. It opened her imagination—expressing more with lessKaren doesn't have to travel far—often she finds her favorite subjects in her own backyard of Bellevue. 

Her whimsical birds and landscapes are seen in homes around the Seattle area, from Tacoma to La Conner and as far away as San Francisco to Washington DC. Nature keeps Karen close to the Earth and its life force is a constant reminder of seeing the "world in a grain of sand".

Artist Statement

I paint my sensations - my love for Nature. I've pushed through the boundaries of the traditional Sumi brush on paper. Now I challenge myself with other tools or methods. Pouring the ink, spraying it, or using a gnarly bristle brush and "stabbing" the paper. Recently folding and crimping the paper as in "Mystical Trees" has given me a fresh approach to painting a forest. All allow serendipity to paint with me.  A way for me to let go of my thinking.

Painting the same subject many times is working and playing for me. Getting to know the subject drops away at some point and the "shoulds" are replaced with a fresh way to see the subject.

My imagination becomes wild and free to create whimsical birds or mystical forests.  Painting a world that others can "touch" with their eyes is why I paint.

Introducing our first artist of 2021. 

Matt Truong
, a Vietnamese student at Seattle College. His work will be at APCC from January to February 2021.



Introducing our February Artist.  See her beautiful art pieces now showing at the APCC Gallery.

Join us for her artist reception at February 13, 2020, 4 pm - 6 pm.  Light refreshments will be served.

Sun Hui Watkins

 Sun was born in South Korea, moved to the USA in 1976 and is a longtime resident of Olympia, Washington. 

Sun’s artistic aspiration was sparked at young age, but her artistry was not rediscovered until her retirement after 60 years of education, teaching, marriage, motherhood and WA state service. 

After a few years of studying ink brush painting and Chinese Gong-bi, Sun discovered freedom from adherence to their formalities. A deep appreciation for the beauty, movement and tranquility found in nature is revealed in her work. Black ink and brush strokes bring this experience to life on rice paper. 

Sun had a solo show at Premier Gallery in Puyallup WA., May-June 2019, and some of her work is shown at group exhibitions of Puget Sound Sumi Artists, Olympia Art League and Pacific Gallery Artists. She also is a new member of Korean American Artists Association of WA. 


January 2020. Now Showing at the APCC Gallery. 

Artist and Instructor Myong Sweet's Students

Myong Sweet has been teaching adult students at APCC for the last five years.  She has  two additional classes at other locations. Her students range from beginners to the accomplished.  

This is the fifth exhibition presented by her classes.  When visiting the gallery, you will that her students have become quite the artists.  They work very hard on their projects and are very proud to display their accomplishments.  

Individually many of her students have entered local art competitions and have taken numerous winning and placing honors.  It is evident they also share their instructors deep love of art.

Come see the many student works now showing at the APCC gallery.

Participating artists: Sungeun An, Mi Ok Kim, Jang Soon Boon, Young Kim, Michell Choe, Kyong A. Lee, Hui Cha Drury, Anna Lim, MIna Evers, Hyon Lornhzen, Y. Johnson, Sun Young Pak, Yong Mi Julian, Jae Sun Richardson, Sun Lee Kendall, Young Ro, Dae S. Kim, Woo Chan Song, Hyeok Kim, Nancy Suekow.


The Puget Sound Sumi Artists (PSSA). December 2019 Gallery showing at APCC

Wabi Sabi- Beauty in Imperfection 

The Puget Sound Sumi Artists (PSSA) are presenting their interpretation of what Wabi Sabi means to them. Wabi Sabi may be interpreted by some to be: Finding beauty within the imperfection of life and accepting peacefully the cycle of growth and decay. There’s often a sense of impermanence implied in the word.

A Sumi painting portrays the “essence” of the subject. It is composed of line and dot. The paintings come alive when all unnecessary information is removed leaving it’s life and essence. Essentially, it is beauty condensed and distilled. There are other styles of Sumi paintings that are executed in a more painterly, overall pattern toward the expressing of any type of subject.

The Puget Sound Sumi Artists Group was founded in 1986 by 3 founding members to promote understanding and appreciation of sumi painting and Asian brush calligraphy. The group currently has more than 70 members and meets monthly at the Asia Pacific Cultural Center. The aim of PSSA is to promote friendship and goodwill among the members, to encourage members to advance their standards of artistry in Sumi and Asian Brush Calligraphy, to foster appreciation of this art through exhibits, demonstrations and teaching in schools and other venues and to arrange access to master sumi painters and calligraphers to the members. We work with traditional materials and encourage individual creativity. Puget Sound Sumi Artists have produced many exhibits in prestigious venues including the Handforth Gallery of the Tacoma Public Library, the Pacific Bonsai Museum in Federal Way, and the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Experience in Seattle. In addition, our artists have shown individually and in a wide variety of juried exhibitions throughout Washington state. PSSA members also participate in exhibits in Japan and many members submit pieces to the national sumi-e society. 


Introducing our September - October Artist.  See his beautiful art pieces now showing at the APCC Gallery.

Join us for his artist reception at Thursday, Sept. 12, 12:00 Noon.  Light refreshments will be served.

Enigma in Sixty Shades of Grey bNoel Bote Bautista

This is Bote’s sixth solo show, the second one at Asia Pacific Cultural Center, Tacoma WA. What you see here today is the result of 15 years of significant creative growth toward becoming an extraordinary sculptural artist. His ENIGMA sculptures echo the fractal freedom of evolvement into infinite soul art. ENIGMA means a mysterious truth that can only be known by revelation.

The big question, “How does he do it?” It appears to be extremely difficult. Bote is a master worker of hard physical energy that transcends into the ease of spirit. Since 2013 when ENIGMA was introduced at his second solo show in New York City, Bote has created 400+ of these hard-driving, complex, yet simple works of art. His answer to how does he do it: “I was inspired to create these infinite designs after decades of observing and caring for my fellow human beings. All of my experience gives me the gift of self-worth and an enduring state of well-being.”

Bote came to America in 2003. His dream was to have his first solo art show in New York City. During 2004-2010 he focused on creating an acrylic portfolio of 500+ underwater tropical scenes that superbly illustrate the range of radiating colors hidden in the deep Pacific. This collection was the theme of his first solo show in 2010 at the Philippine Consulate in New York City. His dream was fulfilled! But, Bote has a bigger dream that he is envisioning: ENIGMA.

The real magic of ENIGMA is unique to all who see it, but the impact is the same: brilliant, powerful, original Art of Life. It is here and ready to live in your consciousness. Some of Bote’s collection can be seen in his BOTE MUSEUM now open at his 1969 birthplace:  TAAL BATANGAS PHILIPPINES.

Bote will continue to expand his inventory of thousands of ENIGMA designs into prints, large glass sculpture panels, and sculptures of granite and marble. These works will be created concurrent with the construction of a larger gallery and museum in TAAL. With BOTE’S visionary eye and the Grace of God it will be done. Thank you for attending his show today. He welcomes your thoughts and comments about the Art of Life.

Contact him for inquires at 253-267-1749.


Introducing our August artist.  See her beautiful work at the APCC gallery starting in June.

Please join us in welcoming Li Hua Kao at her artist reception - August 8th 4-6 pm. Light refreshments will be served.

Li Hua Kao, also known as Jennifer came to the US in 2010.

She was born in mainland, China, but lived her life in Taiwan.

She loves all kinds of handy crafts, and learned paper cut art in Taiwan for several years before she came to US.

She also paints with acrylic, make special soaps, and other artistic endeavors.

She lives in Federal Way, and can be reached at or 253-441-8629


Fumiko Kimura was born in Rexburg, Idaho to immigrant parents from Japan.

She is a co-founder of the Puget Sound Sumi Artists (PSSA) who began her journey in art at the age of 10.  Going to Japan in 1940 to visit her grandparents near Sendai in Northern Japan, the family was caught there at the outbreak of WWII.  Through the hard times she learned to paint in Nihonga, a Japanese style opaque watercolor and Western watercolor techniques and found an inner life in art.  Returning to Tacoma in 1947, as a high schooler, she lived with an American family to relearn English and after a career in chemistry following a B.S. degree (eventually an M.A. degree in Art Education) from the University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA.

Throughout the years, she has taught at UPS, PLU, TCC.  She has been named “1988 Artist of the Year” for her outstanding contribution to visual art by the Pierce County Arts Commission, Tacoma, WA.  In 1994 a grant of $1,000 was awarded her by Artist’s Trust, GAP Fund, Seattle, WA. For special project,  “Harmony in Conflict: Forest Phoenix” which explored the deforestation theme through sumi painting.  Subsequently she received three other grants including publication of beginners sumi book (1997), and Initiative Project Grants from Tacoma Arts Commission (2002, 2003, 2009, 2019).

Her watercolors, sumi art and mixed media collages have been featured in many exhibits and at juried and invitational exhibitions in Bellevue Art Museum, Tacoma Art Museum, University of Puget Sound, New York City, Taiwan and Japan.  Her works are among the collection of the Swedish Hospital, Seattle, WA., Washington State History Museum, Tacoma Art Museum, Plum Creek Timber Co.,  Seattle, WA, Microsoft, City of Tacoma, and numerous private collection in Germany and Japan.  Currently, she continues to paint, exhibit and teach in the Puget Sound community.


 Our May Artist - Anthony Culanag. See his amazing images starting May 10th at the APCC Gallery.

Anthony received a Master of Arts from the Design program at UCLA, University of California, at Los Angeles. He worked in photography during his early years in college and explored various themes from environmental portraits to street photography. As the technology in the photography started to move towards the digital format, Anthony started working in cinema production; he developed and wrote short films. The first film, “Unidentified”  (2012) was the start of the digital format and continued with the second short film, “Spotter” (2016). The third long short film, “Inconclusive” (2017) has garnished several film awards and official selections at film festivals. The official selections are Los Angeles CineFest, Hollywood Screenings Film Festival, US Golden Hollywood International Film Awards, Independent Shorts Awards- Los Angeles, Utah Film Awards, Olympus

Film Festival and the L’Age d'Or International Arthouse Film Festival. Further submissions are on going at several film festivals in the United States and international events. Anthony has exhibited photographic work at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles Contemporary Photography Gallery and the Broad Art Center.

Currently, Anthony is teaching graphic design and digital photography at Tacoma Community College and at Pierce College. He has also taught at Pacific Lutheran University. His production company, F22 Studioworks, produces short films and digital media productions in the Pacific Northwest and the Los Angeles area.


Our March - April Artist.  See her amazing artwork now at the APCC Gallery.

Yun Gee Bradley

She is a Hanji (Korean Paper) artist.

Not painting or drawing on the paper, she only uses Hanji with different colors as a medium to glue on the canvas.  She doesn’t use scissors or knife to cut the papers, rather pulling each fibers of Hanji to use as she laid them on the surface.

She also uses Asian Feng Shui to design her business cards and flyers for her clients.

She also plays Ukulele and enjoys donating funds to children’s Music Foundations.

She is originally from Korea and immigrated to America in 1995, and lives in Portland, OR with her husband who is a Jewelry artist.   



Our January - February Artist.  See his beautiful images at the APCC Gallery starting January 1, 2019. 

Jason J Kim - Photographer

Please join us in welcoming Jason at his photo sit in session on January 19th 4-7 pm. Light refreshments will be served.

A Seattle based portrait photographer. He started photography as a hobby, which quickly turned into a passion.

Jason loves capturing images of nature, landscape as well as people. Last four years, he has been focusing his effort on portraits and his passion in photography is to capture the precious moments of one's life in photos to cherish forever. His shooting style of portrait is based on fine art photography with fashionably inspired, modern concepts and fun in mind. His source of inspiration is his subjects. He believes the essence of portrait photography is to capture images that display the likeness, personality, and even mood of the person.

Jason J Kim, a pharmacist by training, has started photography to capture the beauty of the nature and people. He is self-taught in photography and digital Photoshop while sharing his learning experience with other amateur photographers.

Jason grew up in South Korea and now lives in Snohomish with his family. He began his journey into photography merely as a hobby but quickly turned into a passion. He traveled extensively in the state of Washington and surrounding states to capture the beauty of nature. Recently, he has chosen to focus on portrait photography capturing the beauty of people in daily lives and has been working on cultural subjects such as hanbok, Korean Clothing.

His passion and curiosity pushed him to find out how he could create better images, which led him to more in-depth studies in photography. He believes photography is a life-long learning process that he would enjoy doing it.



Our November - December Artist.  See his work "Asia Themes" at the APCC Gallery starting November 3rd. 

Michael R. Keller - Photographer

I currently live in Everett with my wife Hye Nyun “Gina” Morris.

I have been taking photographs for about 40 years. I started out with film (color slides). For the last 12 years I have used digital. In addition to photography I also enjoy SCUBA diving.

This show displays my interest in Asia and the Pacific area. I have travelled throughout Asia for about ten years. I have been to Cambodia, Myanmar, Bora Bora, Korea, Borneo, India and Thailand.


Our September - October Artist.  See his beautiful Needlepoint Rendered Art at the APCC Gallery starting September 1st. 

Del Avila Bermudez II - Artist, Choreographer, Dancer, Instrumentalist.

 Please join us in welcoming Del at his artist reception on September 6th at 12 noon.  Light refreshments will be served.

Del Avila Bermudez II was born in the Philippines on November 11, 1942 graduated with the degree of BS Architecture in 1969 at St. Louis University, Baguio City, Philippines. He migrated to the USA in 1971.

He was awarded a Plaque of Distinction for Outstanding Executive in the Field of Cottage Industry by the Far East Commentators in Manila, Philippines.

He joined the 1964 World Tour of the Bayanihan Philippine National Folk Dance Company, was later appointed as consultant & researcher for the company by the Late Dr. Lucrecia Reyes Urtula, Choreographer and Directress, and National Artist in Dancing.

He received an Honorary Award in the 1965 BIBAK Cañao, an annual Igorot Festival Tribal Dances in his company The Bermudez Kaibab Tribal Dance Company.

Inspired by his affinity to the traditional cultural folk dances, Philippine handicrafts & arts, he first created a few graphite rendu of his Sarimanok Series, a Philippine Legendary Bird from the southern Island of Mindanao, and first exhibited at the Pagdiriwang Philippine Festival at the Seattle Center, WA on June 2014.

A self-taught artist, he later began painting in oil. He discovered the use of the point of a sewing needle as the instrument to render his oil paintings, thus the birth of Needlepoint Painting. He demonstrates Needlepoint Painting on the spot in his exhibitions.

He dedicated his Sarimanok Series to the Meranao of the war torn Marawi of Lanao, the origin of the legendary bird. The style is expressed in a variety of compositions of birds in flight, flowers, butterflies, horse and fishes. Future projects include: Peacock, Bird of Paradise, Man of Kaibab, Dragon & many more.

He had his first one man exhibition at the Philippine Consulate General Center in New York In December 2016.


Our May - June artist is  Paul Zhang Tao

Winner of World Press Photo 2007, Art and Entertainment, Zhang Tao graduated School of Journalism and Communication, Renmin University of China. He also went to Forestry School of Beijing Forestry University, Beijing, China. He was a reporter of School magazine and contributor of China Forestry Daily, and member of Photography Society.

He now works as a staff Photographer at Southern Weekend, top news weekly in China as a staff Photographer reporting ISIS story in Baghdad, Iraq, and London Olympic Games.

When he worked in Beijing Weekly as a staff photographer, he covered many breaking news, political, entertainment, economic, sports and feature stories.
He lived in Indonesia, Pakistan, Tibet, Sichuan, Xinjiang covering top news.

He has received numerous Awards include many 1st prize in Sport News Stories with China People Press Contest. His Blind Dancer received 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes from World Press Photo, China International Press Photo Contest, and the People Photography New Photo Contest.

He exhibited his Blind Dancer in 2008 Pingyao International Photography Festival, Drug Rehabilitation Centre of Yunan & Blind Dancer, 2009 Burma International Photography Festival, and Beijing’s Changing Skyline, 2010 Dali International Photography Festival.

He is included in Writer of the 3rd chapter and 5th chapter in Photojurnalism: Practice and Techniques, Peking University Press, Blind Dancer as a case was indluded in Manual of Photo Editor, China Photography Publishing House, Producer of Documentary film: AIDS Patients of Central of china, and Producer of multimedia project: Children Army in Golden Triangle.

He now lives in Beijing, China

Beijing, China ︱ +86 186 1003 6171︱ |


April artist is Darishma Alphonse

See her work at the APCC gallery starting in April and please join us for her artist reception on April 6th, 4-6 pm. Light refreshments will be served.

D33Light (born in UK, 1981) is an Indo-British and Canadian multi-disciplinary artist. Raised in Saskatchewan, Canada, her aesthetic is influenced by traditional Indian culture, Asian design, and impressionistic pointillism with bold colors. Her work is characterized as mixed media, with the use of salt and glue to create rough, crystalline textures and paint in a pointillism style with Posca paint pens, along with graphite, charcoal, acrylic and watercolor.

The main themes in D33Light’s art focus on the spiritual aspects of the mind and the ways in which people can reach liberation, or moksha in Sanskrit. Her most recent work in the Yogin Art series depicts the subtle, deeper symbolic meanings behind yoga by depicting silhouette poses that help process life’s emotions and challenges. The backgrounds are created with vivid colorful abstract techniques as a backdrop inspired by gems and crystals from the earth, while others arouse a scenic view such as the moving ocean, the moon in the sky, and the mountain and the sun, engaging a connection to the earth. Some paintings additionally glow in the dark, illustrating an entirely different view of the art at night, displaying how our own consciousness, light, and its emptiness, or space, alters our perception of reality.

D33light is influenced by aspects of her Indian heritage such as concepts of yogic philosophy and spirituality, traditional mehndi design and Bharat Natyam, a classical form of Indian dance. As a third generation Indian artist she draws from various parts of her cultural identity to depict messages of empowerment, sustainability and spiritual sustenance.

She believes “during such uncertain and dispartive times in our communities we need messages that illuminate an avenue to peace, equality and self-love”.

D33Light has shown her work in Seattle at A/NT gallery, and the Mount Baker Neighborhood Center for the Arts.  She currently resides with her family in Olympia, WA.

March artist is Esther M Smith

See her amazing work at the APCC gallery starting March 3rd. 

Join us for her artist reception on Thursday, March 15, 4-6 p.m. Light refreshments will be served.

Esther M Smith (°1954, Wiesbaden, Germany) creates mixed media artworks and drawings. By referencing romanticism, the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and symbolism, Smith seduces the viewer into a world of ongoing romance and the interval that represents the stream of imagined events. Moments are depicted that only exist to punctuate the human drama in order to clarify our existence and to find poetic meaning and beauty in everyday life.

Her mixed media artworks are an investigation of concepts such as authentic beauty and changing cultural norms by using an anthropological approach and quasi-scientific precision and by referencing documentaries, ‘fact-fiction’ and popular scientific equivalents. By using an ever-growing archive of found documents to create autonomous artworks, she reflects on the closely related subjects of history and culture. This often results in an examination of both the human need for ‘happy ending’ stories and the question whether dramas ‘fictionalize’ history.

At times, a disconcerting beauty emerges. The inherent visual seductiveness, along with the conciseness of the works, encourages inspection of their many textured layers of meaning. By emphasizing aesthetics, she makes work that deals with the documentation of mythical events and the question of how they can be presented. The work tries to express this with the help of history and archeology - by telling a story or creating a fleeting vision of beauty.

Her works are often classified as part of the new Romantic Movement because of the desire for the local in the unfolding globalized world especially in her fusion Geisha series. Her works are an investigation into representations of by gone ages and situations as well as depictions of ideas that can only be realized in mixed media art. Esther Smith currently lives and works in Seattle. 


Artist Show at APCC 
Susan Kim, Gyubang Craftwork (Women’s Quarter Craft Art)
See her beautiful work at the APCC Gallery starting in January.

Please join us at her meet the artist reception on Thursday, February 15th, 4-6pm at APCC.  This event is open to the public.

Gyubang (women’s quarters) are women’s exclusive living space separated from the ‘Sarangchae’ where men lived. Gyubang does not just represent the meaning of room but also represents the contemporary women’s community of that time. Women were restricted in social activities under strict Confucian society norms of the Chosun Dynasty era, therefore, they stayed in ‘Gyubang’ and produced various household items. These activities were called ‘Gyubang Craft Art’.

The production of ‘Gyubang Craft Art’ harmonizes natural dyes, sewing knots, piecing leftover materials, and embroidery to express traditional beauty of Korea.
‘Gyubang Craft Art’ developed during the Chosun Dynasty, which had relatively more suppressed women life compared to the earlier Three-Kingdom period and the Koryo Dynasty. Women who lived in the Chosun Dynasty expressed their creative energy within Gyubangs. These activities provided vitality and companionship to women at that time.

She has shown her works and received many awards in Dallas, TX and other places including Washington State. She taught quilting and Gyubang Craft Art to many students in the past.


Artist Show at APCC
Larine Chung, solo drawing exhibition "About Love" will be up at Asia Pacific Cultural Center in the coming November thru December. "About Love" will showcase 12 pieces of Chung's drawings on the theme of love. This show is mounted in honor of Chung's beloved father, whom has passed away recently. Opening reception for the show will be on Thursday November 16th from 4-6pm with artist in attendance.

Larine Chung was born in Shanghai, China and raised in Hong Kong. She was a Biochemistry major, but decided to pursue her passion, art, second year in college. After Chung got her bachelor degree in Fine art from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, she moved to Seattle, WA and trained under master artist, Juliette Aristides learning the 19th Century classical French academic art techniques. Upon graduation, Chung was offered a teaching position at Gage Academy. She is also the founder of Eastside Artists Collaborative, an artistic, supportive environment where artists share studio space and model sessions. Chung works in the realism tradition because she finds the notion of reality captivating. Is there differences between everybody's realities? To continue on the quest of finding the complex facets of reality, Chung creates works mostly based on vigorous observation from life, trying to capture the experience and emotional content of a moment in "reality". With her traditional art background, she is interested in creating works that is honest, relevant to now and would evoke an intellectual and emotional response in people.  Chung has held numerous solo exhibitions in Seattle and Hong Kong.  Please visit to make contact and view her works.



Artist Show at APCC -
Steve Hu, our first artist to show from Macau, China.
See his beautiful work at the APCC Gallery in September thru October.

Born in Macau, China, Steve Hu immigrated to Hawaii as a teenager in 1967. After receiving his BFA degree from the University of Hawaii, Hu continued his venture in fine art development to further his knowledge and skill in painting by taking workshops and classes with local and national renowned artists. There was a long pause of two decades of not creating any art until the artist moved to Washington State in the late 1990’s. 

Watercolor was Steve’s painting medium since an early age, in recent years he furthered his study into oil painting focusing on maritime themes and studying under the mentorship of Austin Dwyer.  In Hu’s post impressionistic artwork, the artist is able to combine his dedicated work ethic and skill to create art from the beauty, richness and love of nature through brush and paint.  In his paintings, the viewers can share his feeling, emotion and impression through the heart warming, delicate and colorful blend of impressionistic romance and occasionally with a touch which depicts the artist’s Chinese cultural heritage.

As a frequent participant in juried exhibitions, Hu’s paintings has won various awards and merits of Honor. Steve Hu’s artwork has become private collections of fine art collectors, business professionals and corporations in Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest. 

Currently Hu is a charter and signature member of Pacific Rim Institute of Marine Artists, American Society of Marine Artists and Evergreen Association of Fine Arts.


August Artist Show at APCC - View of China Through a Western Lens

Join us for an Artist reception on August 17th, 4:00 to 6:00 pm. Light refreshments will be served.
JOHN DAVIS JR. presents an exhibit of photography themed “VIEW OF CHINA THROUGH A WESTERN LENS”. He is a resident of Port Orchard, Washington, USA, where he practiced law for approximately 40 years and with his wife, raised a family. He spent a career in the Army and Army Reserve, and served his community in many ways, including as a director of a public school board for 12 years.

He is PRESIDENT EMERITUS and GOODWILL AMBASSADOR for the PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA (PSA) . He served as its President from 2011 to 2015, and Executive Vice President from 2009 to 2011. PSA is an international photographic society which has approximately 6000 members including about 500 member photography clubs around the world. Members reside in over 80 countries. He promotes PSA sponsored programs internationally, administers and assists with PSA Photo Adventures, promotes the PSA pictorial print collection, and moderates and organizes PSA Portfolio Assessments for Society members. John has also been active for years in the Northwest Council of Camera Clubs and the f:67 Camera Club in Kitsap County, Washington.

John has been an active exhibitor in international photography exhibitions, earning many awards and recognitions for his work, and has judged exhibitions nationally and internationally. He currently holds the “Master” level distinction for his international exhibition acceptances and for his service to PSA and photography, and has received the Honorary PSA recognition. He has also received the Honorary Fellowship from the Photographic Society of Malaysia, from the Photographic Society of New York, and from PSA China (a multi-province photography club in China).

In his role as a PSA officer and exhibition judge, and in conjunction with personal travel, John has made the time to do some image making internationally, including during three trips to China. This exhibit, “VIEW OF CHINA THROUGH A WESTERN LENS”, is meant to present a very small slice of China and some aspects of its culture and the lives of ordinary people and places of every-day and historical significance. This view of China is essentially a view of Asian culture and while the images show essential differences from the “West”, they also demonstrate cultural similarities. John seeks to capture beauty, a story, and meaning in his photographic work, and enjoys sharing those things with others.

July Artist Show at APCC

Featuring artist QIN TAN

Please join us in welcoming the artist on Thursday, July 20th 4-6pm. Light refreshments will be served. 


In this series, Qin Tan paints abstract structures and formations that channel energy from memories and environments. She captures the force of external sights and experiences in the form of rhythm to cultivate a spiritually visceral portrait. It is through this rhythm that she seeks to weave her inspirations into an imaginary architecture representative of the instinctual, unrehearsed quality of her creative process that is centered around discovery rather than pre-conception.

Her paintings fuse elemental shapes, linguistic scribbles, and simple gestural marks together to disrupt the abstract space with different variations of cadence and movement. These components interact in an elusive yet active manner to conceive not so much an image, but rather an entity, that exhibits a delicate intensity. By adjusting the speed, pressure, and inclination of her brush, she imbues each stroke with its own distinct spirit; a stroke extending down and to the right expresses release, while a stroke lifting upwards invokes a sense of crescendo. The rhythm formation reaches a conclusion when the spirit embodied by the entity is balanced in harmony and has been fully realized.

BIO: QinTan is a multi‐media artist based in Tacoma, Washington.

She received her Bachelors of Art from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). Her work has shown in group exhibitions in the galleries of MICA as well as Studio Art Centers International (SACI) in Florence, Italy. Most recently she was selected as one of the residency artists at Pantocrator Gallery in Shanghai, China. There she exhibited in a dual show entitled ‘It Started with a Dot of Line’.


Our featured artist show at APCC.  Now showing at the APCC Gallery.

Noel “Bote” Bautista

Join us for his artist reception, May 18th, Noon to 2 p.m.

Noel was born October 15, 1969 in the beautiful historic town Taal, Batangas, Philippines. One of his earliest fascinations was the Taal Basilica, the largest in Southeast Asia.  His childhood was filled with the magical beauty of nature.  From the very beginning he was influenced by the ocean, specially the fish.  The fish is a passion as you see in his art.

During his early adolescence he was exposed to the greatest example of art in the world at The Vatican.  The Vatican created a passion for history, art appreciation and the exquisite beauty of ancient paintings.

Noel completed his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the Lyceum of the Philippines in 1993.  After graduation he worked in business for five years.

For many years, Noel was a member of the SIKAT Art Group in Antipolo, Philippines.  Here he was a part of many shows where he developed his arts.  He also was a member of the 29 Stokes Art Group of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Noel came to America 2003.  His dream was to have his first solo show in New York City.  During the last five years, Noel has created a portfolio of over 500 works of art.  During this period he also developed a passion for glass sculpture. He envisions that his next solo show will emphasize glass sculptures.


March through April Artist Show at APCC

Featuring artist Cuong Q. Nguyen from Vietnam

Please join us in welcoming the artist on March 18th at 11 am. 
Light refreshments will be served. 

Passionate photography over fifteen years, mainly on Social documentary, Nature, Flower/Macro

Place of birth: Vietnam, South East Asia

Through device, techniques, and heart I would like show aspects of our lives.

In my art, I take daily live, natural object and express through light, colors, and shapes the feelings it evokes within me.

I am inspired by the sense of peace nature imparts, and hope to convey the tranquil awe and healing I've experienced through the therapeutic power of art.


APCC January through February Artists Show

Soojeong (Crystal) Shin

Art showing from December 26, 2016 through February 24, 2017

Crystal was born and grew up in Seoul, Korea. She moved to Seattle where she found her love for nature and botanical art. Crystal is especially drawn to capturing the intricate details and splendid colors in flowers, and nature, which fills her with an appreciation for the beauty that each subject has, and gratitude to the one who created it. She likes to work on achieving color intensity and fine details with a delicate but vivid touch. Crystal uses Crystal's favorite mediums are color pencil and watercolor, but recently she has been developing her skills of black and white mediums like pen and ink, and graphite as well.

Crystal is now privileged working at the University of Washington Herbarium at Burke Museum for their Flora project, which is revising the well-known plant identification guidebook, “Flora of Pacific Northwest”, as a primary botanical illustrator. It has been three years since she has started working for the project, and it is upon its completion in few months.

She graduated from the Natural Science Illustration certificate course at the University Washington. Also, she has studied botanical watercolor painting with instructor, Kathleen McKeehen at Gage Academy of Art, and with many prestigious botanical artists from other states and countries thru various workshops.

Crystal hopes her work opens people's eyes to a deeper appreciation for the authentic beauty of nature that each creature carries in its form and color. 
You can contact Crystal Shin at:


APCC November thru December Artists Show

These two months, we are promoting oil, watercolor, and Chinese Gongbi Art painting students at the APCC.

Join us for the artist reception, Thursday, November 17, 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM at Asia Pacific Cultural Center.

Oil Painting class: Every Monday, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Instructor Chun Myong Suk Sweet graduated University in Korea, and then came to US in 1987. She has been teaching oil painting classes through APCC for the past 3 years.  She now lives in Fife.  If you are interested in taking her class, please
contact: 253-353-5060

Soungeun An
Hae Kyung Kim
Ya Hee Johnson
Jesook Kim
Song Woo Chan
Sam Bong
Myong Suk Sweet

Watercolor and Chinese Gongbi Class: Every Wednesday, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Instructor Patsy Surh O'Connell, a signature member of the Northwest Watercolor Society, and Women Painters of WA.  She lived and traveled through Asia Pacific Countries before settling in WA 1985. She is the founder of the Asia Pacific Cultural Center, and has been teaching water media art classes for the past 40 years. She lives in Gig Harbor.  If you would like to take her class, please contact: 253-226-2742

Sidney Zylstra
Linda Walz
Margie Bicknell
Denise MacDonald
Lana Parker

Lara Herrmann
Sun Hee Watkins
Jade Choe
Monique Guzek


Washington Overseas Chinese Artists Association Art Show. September 9th - October 28th.  Join us for the artists reception September 4th, 1 pm - 4 pm.

Participating Artists:

Kristy Wang

Xue-Zhi Wang

Noriko Fukui

Edward Lee

Jian LI

Bill Chen

Maggie Ho

Ben Ho

Ying-Zhang He

Anita Woo

Karen Yuen

Khung Duong

Amanda Wong

Zoulie Deng

Kenneth Tao

Hong-Duan Yang

Ricky Yip

Wendy Zhai

Shu-Yun Liu

Jin Yun

Ching Ma 

Zhenshing Liu

Shou Zhang

Zhi-Xian Ren

Syvia Hang

Koon-Yui Poon

Amy Sie

Patsy Surh O'Connell

About Washington Overseas Chinese Artists Association

Washington Overseas Chinese Artists Association (WOCAA) was founded in Seattle in February 1994.  It is a non-profit Overseas Chinese Artists organization which was legally registered with the state government.  Currently the association has over sixty members which include professional painters, calligraphers, sculptors, photographers, computer graphic designers, architectures, art teachers and art lovers.

The Association holds all members meeting in conjunction with celebrating Chinese New Year in winter annually.  Artists will give demonstration after the meeting.   All the art works will then be put up for auction.  The generated funds primarily go to community non-profit organizations and secondarily support the day to day expenses of the association.   The members are very active in participating or sponsoring community art and cultural events.   WOCAA members participated in numerous Cultural Exchange events throughout the years.

To provide services according to WOCAA mission, we have been offering ongoing art classes, lectures and presentations to various communities.  The art classes include Chinese painting, calligraphy, western watercolor painting, drawing and photography.  The participants are from all age groups.  Our members are also active in public and environmental art projects.  By utilizing the connection with China, our association has invited several famous artists from China to give lectures in the greater Seattle area.

The birth of the WOCAA and all the activities we have had, reflect the good collective spirit of the Overseas Chinese Artists.  It surely brings to the communities some harmonious energy.  All we have done demonstrates our artists’ willingness to show appreciation and contribution to our communities.

Washington Overseas Chinese Artists Association

515 7th Ave So. Seattle, WA  98104



Yoshiko Yamamoto

At the Arts Crafts Press,  Yoshiko makes note card and limited-edition block prints.  For all their printing, they use antique letterpress printing presses that date back to the early 20th century – anywhere from the 1890s to 1950s.  Using these presses, they hand-mix all the ink and print each color separately, with each layer of the color adding brilliance and vibrant to our simple designs.

Most of the designs are based on Yoshiko Yamamoto’s linoleum block prints.  A native of Tokyo and now living and enjoying operating an active printing studio in Tacoma, WA, Yoshiko first prepares watercolor sketches for her artwork before carving the linoleum blocks for printing.  For durability all of their note cards are printed from photo-polymer blocks.

From recycling to using soy-based inks, non-VOC solvents, biodegradable plastic, FSC-certified paper made with wind power, the possibilities are endless!

Her studio is located 2515B South Tacoma Way, Tacoma, WA 98409



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