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Our January-February Featured Artist,

Jayashree Krishnan

See her incredible work of healthcare workers now showing at the APCC gallery.

Jayashree Krishnan lives in Seattle with her husband, two daughters and a dog, Buddy. Her studio is in the historic Inscape Arts building located in the International District. She primarily paints portraits and landscapes. Find more of her work at and her Instagram page, @jayashreeart.

About the Art and the Creative Process:

The healthcare workers shared photographs of themselves taken at work and shared them with Jayashree.  She used those pictures as reference to paint the portraits using watercolor paints. Some of these portraits were made on artist grade cold press watercolor paper and mounted on wooden panels. Most of them were made on substrates called clayboard (wooden panels coated with fine kaolin clay). The paintings were then sealed, varnished, and framed.

 The exhibit at Asia Pacific Cultural Center, 4851 South Tacoma Way is open to the public from 9:00 AM to 5:00 pm. Due to the COVID pandemic, please let the office know of your visit by calling 253-383-3900.



 Our November - December feature art show at the APCC Gallery.

Women Painters of Washington

The Asia Pacific Cultural Center will be hosting the Women Painters of Washington for an art show during the months of November and December.

The four artists featured are from the south sound area:  Patsy O’Connell of Gig Harbor, Sherri Bails of South Hill, Jeannie Grisham of Gig Harbor and Judith Perry of Tacoma.

Women Painters of Washington is a 90-year-old organization.  Members must be juried in the group of professional artists.  It was founded in response to not being allowed into the existing all male organizations at that time.  They have a permanent gallery in the Columbia Tower in Seattle, which has quarterly shows.

The artists each have a distinct style, while all work has an emphasis on Asian culture.

Patsy O’Connell is of Asian heritage and became an American in 1963.  Her work is layered colors in ink of a Chinese painting style and explores cultural icons, patterns and symbolism.

Sharri Bails is a storyteller; she wants her paintings to tell a story, either with the subject she chooses, or with the design she use.  She also like the challenge of completing my story using whatever will work—color, shape, line, texture, a very special focal point….and her signature shape---circles—to add energy and whimsy to her work.

Her pieces show a decided Art Deco influence with the semi-abstract shapes, clean clear colors, and hard edges. Jeanne Dobie’s color theory, and Frank Webb and Tony Couch have influenced her design choices.

Jeannie Grisham lived in Japan where her two children were born.  She holds a deep kinship the culture and this is reflected in her work.

Judith Perry studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, but lived many years in Hawaii.  Her art developed there from the much-loved watercolor of the islands to oil painting.  Color and light is critical to her work.

The exhibit at the Cultural Center at 4851 South Tacoma Way is open to the public from 9:00 AM to 5:00 pm. Due to the COVID pandemic, please let the office know of your visit.


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