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A word from our Executive Director ... 

Welcome to the Asia Pacific Cultural Center (APCC) website. APCC is very proud to represent forty-seven different Asia Pacific region countries where over 100 languages and dialects are spoken. Asia Pacific Arts and Culture is a unique and amazing kaleidoscope of unimaginable richness and diversity of people, history, traditions and spirit. 

Today, the Asia Pacific influence is being communicated globally and is having significant impact around the world.  APCC provides cultural teaching programs and activities for all ages enhancing the quality of life, for not only local Asia Pacific Americans but all citizens and residents living in the great Pacific Northwest. 

Helping each other to better understand and appreciate their culture and traditions bridges generations, communities and even nations towards greater trust, respect and peace. There is a tremendous amount of work to do. There are important lectures and workshops to present and there are valuable and life changing stories of struggle and triumph to share. 

APCC plans will bring together the thousands of personal experiences involved and utilize the most effective methodologies to promote Arts and Cultural education for an international audience. A key component of APCC plans will be the campaign to build a home facility with the capacity to reach out and attract over 300,000 visitors annually.  The plan is already underway with the goal of opening the doors to the new facility in the near future. APCC will need its friends, families, supporters and all those who are interested to come together in partnership to help make this dream a reality. 

The APCC mission is, “to bridge communities and generations through arts, culture, education and business.” I look forward to working together with all of you. The heart of the work APCC does everyday is YOU!  We work to forge those special relationships, share experiences, and provide meaningful examples of life lived with respect and honor so inherent in most countries and cultures of the Asia Pacific region. Let us build this bridge together with one HEART to make for a brighter and promising future for all.  



Faaluaina Pritchard - Executive Director



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