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Asia Pacific Cultural Center's New Building 

More than a quarter-century of community service As we celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2021, the community recognized the need for replacement of the current cultural center building where APCC has served tens of thousands of community members over the past decade within the former community center operated at South Park. Creating a space that meets programming needs The current building has been modified many times over the years to accommodate various uses, but even with these updates the building doesn’t offer spaces designed to effectively support the programs and events we provide. And, the aging infrastructure of the building provides other operating challenges as well. We have been talking with the community over the course of several years about developing a new building designed to better support our cultural programs. This webpage is dedicated to provide you with information about our proposed new building as we work to replace the current structure with one designed to enhance our community and cultural center visitor experiences.

Proposed Design Features Our organization is actively preparing plans in coordination with Metro Parks to replace the existing building with one providing more functional space for the following visitor experiences. The proposed plan is for construction of a new building within the existing building’s footprint which will include the following features:

  • Arts Gallery
  • Performing Arts Center
  • Welcome Center
  • Corridor of Nations
  • Community Gift Shop
  • Culinary Demonstration Kitchen
  • Asia Pacific Garden
  • Asia Pacific Library
  • Community Courtyard
  • Tea Room

Our updated proposal reflects how a newly designed building can accommodate the interests of the tens of thousands of community members who engage in the cultural center’s activities each year by creating a new building that will replace the aging one which currently houses the cultural center.

To see the proposed floor plan, please click here.

To support and donate to our new building, please click here.

For more information about our partnership with Metro Parks, visit:


Asia Pacific Cultural Center
4851 South Tacoma Way | Tacoma, WA 98409
Telephone: (253)383.3900
Fax: (253)292-1551
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