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New Art Exhibit now on display at APCC Gallery. Selected Works of Artist & Photographer Wei Chen is Featured for May / June.


Wei Chen Art Exhibit now on display at APCC Gallery thru month of May until June 28th.                                                                        

There will be a "Meet the Artist" Reception at APCC on Saturday, May 10, 2014 from 1:30 to 3:00 PM

Wei Chen (born 1972, Heilongjiang, China) is a self-taught artist and photographer. She received her M. S. in Computer science from the University of Arizona in 2005. She currently resides in Seattle, Washington. Although she works as a software architect, her passion for photography can be traced back to over 10 years ago, when she started using her first digital camera to explore the natural world. Since then, her photography has always used nature elements as subjects. Her craving for creating art has always motivated her to seek inspiration in the natural beauty of the surrounding ocean and mountains. From shooting seascapes, to chasing the fleeting reflection in the water and the ephemeral and mostly unseen beauty on the beach, photography helps her enrich her experiences. The moment of dusk when the sky and the ocean start to merge into one and retreat from people’s daily life is the moment she finds to be fascinating and finds herself feeling alive. From which, she has developed her unique photography style to represent her own vision of the world. Her interpretation of abstract ocean scenes does not reference any recognizable form. By extracting and distilling the subtle shades and shadows through the magic of light, she has transformed them into the surreal splendor and the moment of wonder of her own. Within it, her feelings are revealed and her inner being is fulfilled.Many of her artworks have been selected and published on various high profile art and photography community sites on Facebook. She also received several awards from online art photography competitions.

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