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After School Tutoring and Youth Leadership Group

Students meet twice a week on campus to work with program staff and volunteer tutors and mentors.  The first hour includes organized group activities for leadership, team-building, job readiness, and life skills workshops.  Afterword, students can get tutoring, homework help, college and career planning, cultural performances, and other assistance.

Tautua Youth Group

The Tautua Youth Group provides Polynesian cultural and educational activities that promote native cultural expression, youth leadership, and community service at APCC.  In addition to learning the culture, language, customs, and traditions, students learn music, and dance from the Pacific Islands and get to perform at different locations.

Asia Pacific Youth Summer Learning Program

This Summer Learning Program helps Asian and Pacific Islander high school students to get job the Summer, teaching them job-readiness, life skills training, providing career exploration, engaging them in volunteer community service activities, and helping them to gain work experience through summer jobs.  Students gain valuable knowledge, work experience, and earns high school credit from their Summer Job. Work with students to get them enroll in the Summer School at various high School or doing credit retrieval at home.

Asia Pacific Cultural Center
4851 South Tacoma Way | Tacoma, WA 98409
Telephone: (253)383.3900
Fax: (253)292-1551
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