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APCC’s Business and Community Engagement Services (BCES) provides outreach and support services for families, businesses, and the greater community, focusing especially on the Asia Pacific community. 



Asians and Pacific Islanders are a marginalized, often-overlooked, underserved community. The COVID-19 Pandemic has especially shown inequities for Asians and Pacific Islanders, and all BIPOC communities.  The BCES program helps to address this need for equitable and inclusive services and support.



We provide assistance with navigating COVID-19 Pandemic relief and recovery assistance for small businesses and families. We partner with the Tacoma-Pierce County Department of Health and other healthcare agencies to provide free COVID-19 testing and vaccinations at our APCC building. We provide free food boxes for families in need. We provide free PPE, hand sanitizers, and other supplies for small businesses, families, and other organizations. We facilitate and host community meetings with TPCHD, Sound Transit, and other agencies and organizations so that the Asia Pacific community has a voice in the decisions that are made that affect them.


We provide interpreters and translation for the outreach and communication work that we do, including:

  1. Samoan

  2. Chamorro

  3. Marshallese

  4. Tongan

  5. Fijian

  6. Tokelau

  7. Korean

  8. Japanese

  9. Chinese

  10. Vietnamese

  11. Thai

  12. Cambodian

  13. Filipino


To stay up to date on BCES outreach events and activities, connect with us on Facebook. If you, your family, or your small business needs assistance, reach out to our BCES Manager at (253) 383-3900.

For More Information

You can contact Skye Rozon by calling APCC 253-383-3900 or by email at

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