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This is a week-long event ending with an exciting full day of the Samoa Culture in full display.  The previous year's week activities include Church Services followed by a Youth Gospel Night. The rest of the week showcases  Mana Youth Empowerment Day, Samoa Idol Competition, Samoa Fashion Show, Community Dinner, and the Final Festival on Saturday.  In 2021 the Pasifika Food Festival ended the week with an amazing day of delicious food, entertainment, vendors with a  gathering of friends and family at Clover Park High School Stadium. All are welcome at this public event.  So much fun for the whole family.

The Annual Samoa Cultural Day is a joyous and festive celebration of the Samoan people and the rich Polynesian heritage.  After a colorful parade and the traditional Ava Welcome Ceremony, participants get to enjoy a variety of activities including village singing and chants, dances, cultural displays, arts and crafts, games, and authentic cuisine.

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