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The Asia Pacific Cultural Center Program brings people and cultures together through immersive and interactive activities and events.  We help to enrich people’s lives by teaching and engaging people in Asian and Pacific Islander culture and arts, promoting greater awareness and understanding of the Asia Pacific people.  This Program also helps elevate the voice of the Asia Pacific people, providing a platform to showcase their culture and share their pride in their heritage.  We provide opportunities to learn and engage in the culture in a deeper, more meaningful way. 



Washington has a growing Asia Pacific population, making up 13% of Washington State.  This is a community that is often underrepresented and underserved.  Biases, stereotypes, racism, and inequities create barriers that our organization works hard to address. This growing Asia Pacific population also presents a wonderful opportunity for learning from and learning about the Asian and Pacific Islander people, who are an important and integral part of the community.  The Cultural Program helps to recognize, honor, and celebrate the Asian and Pacific Islander people. This Cultural Program is one way we help to engage the public, giving people the opportunity to share in and take part in the art, culture, customs, traditions, history, language, and heritage in a welcoming, authentic, and respectful way.



The Cultural Program is bursting with activities, from large exhibitions and festivals to performances, workshops, classes, and educational booths and displays. Many of these events are held at the APCC building, but we also partner with schools, museums, private companies, agencies, and other groups also to go out into the community to present. Participants learn from our Cultural Interpreters who are from these countries and cultures and are highly experienced and knowledgeable, helping to provide authentic teachings. Our events are free, or very low-cost admission, so that cost is not a barrier for people to attend. All are welcome!

For More Information

Please contact our Cultural Program Manager, Ms. Dareth Pak by calling 253-383-3900 or email her at



We are a world of activities at Asia Pacific Cultural Center.  Below are a few of our main activities that happen at the Center and around our community. 


Annual Asia Pacific New Year Celebration

APCC celebrates the lunar new year with our largest annual event, the Annual Asia Pacific New Year Celebration.  This community-based arts and culture exhibition features a different host country or culture each year.  The day is filled with more than 20 exciting performances, cultural demonstrations and martial arts, culture and art displays, authentic cuisine, and a variety of vendors and resource booths.  This is APCC’s signature event held at the Tacoma Dome for over two decades, bringing thousands of people together to be immersed in the rich and diverse cultures of the Asia Pacific.

Korea Day

Usually, in conjunction with our Taste of Asia program, this day immerses the participants in Korean culture. Lean now to make a traditional dish, enjoy live entertainment, calligraphy lessons, and more.  A fun day for the family.

Sawasdee Thailand Day

The audience is met with a warm “Sawasdee” greeting at this annual festival of Thai arts and culture.  See amazing costumes, eat traditional foods, experience Thai Boxing a traditional martial art, and more activities and demonstrations.


Samoa Cultural Day

The Annual Samoa Cultural Day is a joyous and festive celebration of the Samoan people and the rich Polynesian heritage.  After a colorful parade and the traditional Ava Welcome Ceremony, participants get to enjoy a variety of activities including village singing and chants, dances, cultural displays, arts and crafts, games, and authentic cuisine.

NHPI - Move it! Youth Health and Fitness Day

This Annual event runs in conjunction with Samoa Cultural Day, promoting healthy and active living for our Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander community here in Washington State. Obesity and diabetes have been a growing concern in the United States for a number of years and a catalyst for former First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign in 2010. Data in a report released by the Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum indicated roughly 1 out of 5 NHPI high school youth (20.4%) are obese (one of the highest percentages among all racial groups in the United States), and 1 out of 3 NHPI high school youth (33.5%) are likely to be overweight or obese. Washington NHPI's and APCC are continuing this campaign to bring health education and fitness activities to Pacific Islander youth and their families.


Annual Polynesian Luau

APCC’s Annual Polynesian Luau is held at the beautiful park grounds next to the APCC building.  This event always features a delicious feast, live music, and traditional dances from the Pacific Islands.  You can always feel the warmth and spirit of the islands when you come to our Polynesian Luau.


Chuseok Korean Festival

Chuseok means “autumn eve” in Korean, and is the name of the traditional harvest festival celebrated worldwide. APCC’s Chuseok Korean The Harvest Moon Festival, or Chuseok, is one of Korea's most cherished holidays, and we celebrate it with a day filled with Korean dance, music, and special cultural presentations. 


Taste of Asia - Learn, Taste, Drink

Join us for a fun and tasty culinary journey while you learn to cook traditional foods from different Asia Pacific countries. Our presenters will take you through the steps in preparing your dish, providing a recipe so that you can make it for your family or friends.  Each month we feature a different country.


Asia Pacific Art Gallery with Featured Artist

We are pleased to offer a rotating Asia Pacific art gallery at our building.  We kick off each new exhibit with a Meet the Artist Reception for the community to talk to the artist and view the artwork for the first time.


Interactive Cultural Workshops and Presentations 

We offer hands-on workshops and presentations that teach about Asia Pacific art and culture.  Our presentations are held at many different venues: the APCC building, K-12 schools, colleges, museums, senior living or retirement homes, private companies, agencies, military bases, and many other locations.

Extended Learning Opportunities at Fawcett, Edison, and Stanley Elementary Schools

APCC is part of the Extended Learning Opportunities Program with the Tacoma School District and Green Trikes in offering Cultural Clubs at 3 elementary school sites.  Fawcett focuses on the Thailand Culture, Edison on the Samoan Culture, and at Stanley Elementary it's is all about the Korean Culture.


Field Trip Visits 

Schools and other children and youth organizations from throughout the state visit APCC to see the building, artwork, and cultural artifacts, and participate in hands-on culture and art demonstrations.


Cultural Tour of Asia Pacific Countries

We organize a group tour of different Asian or Pacific Islander countries each year.  Our stops include visits to sites that have important cultural and historical significance.  In recent years we have visited the beautiful countries of Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Samoa, the Philippines, and China.

Language Class

We have several language classes available.  Click here for the current program.

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