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The Asia Pacific Cultural Program provides interactive lessons and activities that teach about the Asian and Pacific Islander people, culture, art, history, language, traditions, customs, and heritage for participants of all ages.  The goal of the program is to promote a greater awareness and understanding of the Asia Pacific people by providing opportunities for cultural engagement and to help people embrace the rich diversity in our community. Program participants learn from and interact with our presenters who represent the Asian or Pacific Islander culture, speak the language, and are highly experienced and knowledgeable.  We are so pleased to offer this program for free or very low-cost admission, so that everyone can experience the pride and honor of the Asian and Pacific Islander people.

Program Activities

Ms. Ala Talo, Cultural Program Manager

Ms. Ala Talo has been instrumental in planning and implementing the Cultural Program activities since she joined APCC as the Cultural Programs Manager in 2017.  She has many years of valuable experience working with children in after-school programs and as a coordinator for Tacoma Metro Parks.  She is also the Executive Programming Director and proud Co-founder of Hearts for Kids.  Ms. Talo is a dedicated and passionate person who is highly experienced in Samoan and Polynesian culture and arts, and is bilingual in Samoan.  She is committed to promoting the culture and heritage of Asians and Pacific Islanders.

Asia Pacific Cultural Center
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