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Upcoming Events - Save the dates.

A list of our upcoming events.  Look for more information and announcements here or on our social media pages.

Annual events in 2023.

Please mark the dates on your calendar and join us.

1. Annual New Year Celebration Featuring the beautiful country of Samoa. February 25, 2023

2. The Annual Sawasdee Thailand Festival. June 3, 2023, at APCC

3. Annual Samoa Cultural Week/Day. July 23-29, 2023 at APCC and different locations

4. Annual Polynesian Luau. August 26, 2023 at APCC

5.  ChuSeok Korean Festival September 23, 2023, at APCC, September 30, 2023, at Gig Harbor

6. Taste of Asia, first Saturday of every month.


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