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New Language Classes at APCC

Class Schedule: Starting on September 18, 2023, we are offering a ten-week course.

At APCC, we offer a captivating journey into cultural heritage through our language studies program. In response to growing demands for language courses, this initiative enables students to delve into their family histories and develop a deep appreciation for diverse cultures.

Our program is open to anyone with a passion for learning a new language. Experienced instructors conduct classes in various languages right here at APCC.

The program has two primary objectives. Firstly, it provides students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge of diverse cultures by learning a new language. Secondly, it fosters connections between communities and encourages cultural exchange throughout the region.

Course Offerings:

  • Monday, 5 - 7 pm: Sogang Korean 1-A, Teacher: SunLee Kendall (In-person at APCC)

  • Wednesday, 6 - 8 pm: Sogang Korean 1-B, Teacher: SunLee Kendall (Online via Zoom)

  • Wednesday, 5 - 7 pm Khmer, Teacher: Vuthy Tan (In-person at APCC)

  • Thursday, 6 - 8 pm: Sogang Korean 1-A, Teacher: SunLee Kendall (Online via Zoom)

  • Thursday, 5 - 7 pm: Thailand, Teacher: Varinya Benhadus (In-person at APCC)

  • Saturday, 12 - 2 pm: India-Hindi, Teacher: Anita Walia (In-person at APCC)

Course Cost: $50.00.

If you have any questions or need further information about the classes, please feel free to reach out to SunLee Kendall:


Phone: (253) 441-8145

APCC Contact: 253-383-3900

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