Faaluaina (Lua) Pritchard
Executive Director

Faaluaina Pritchard is the Executive Director since May 2010 and has been with APCC since early 1997.  She is the executive leader of operations for APCC.  She hails from the village of Amouli in American Samoa.  She came to America in 1966 at the age of ten and landed in San Francisco, CA.  There she was educated from elementary to graduating from Carson High School in Southern California and attended Pepperdine University in Malibu.  Faaluaina has over 35 years of non-profit management experience.  She was the Executive Director of Korean Women's Association from 1996 to 2009; and was with KWA for 19.5 years.  Under her leadership there - they developed close to $100 million valued housing and community projects. 


Her community work is very extensive and speaks to her talents and skills as a community organizer.  To name a few she is the Chair of the Asian Pacific Islander Coalition of Pierce County, board member of Washington State Arts Commission,  Multicare Advisory Board, ARCORA Fluoridation Advisory Board, Pierce County Affordable Housing Consortium, Pierce County Arts & Culture Coalition, Tacoma Urban League Board, KBTC TV-BATES College Board, Washington State Department of Transportation Board, Governor Council on Environmental Justice and Commissioner of the Pierce County Arts Commission.


She’s been honored with many awards including: Civil Rights Award from Martin Luther King Community Association; Liberty Bell Award from Pierce County Bar Association; Lifetime Achievement Award from Asian Weekly Northwest; First Vanguard Award from Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs; Office of Chinese American Golden Circle Award for Leadership & Service; this is just a few. 


Faaluaina is fluent in the Samoan and English languages.  Faaluaina is an individual with a great passion for helping others and she takes pride and joy in being a part of community development.

You can reach Mrs. Pritchard at 253-383-3900 or

Chanmee Lee
Finance Officer

Born in Kyong Nam Korea, came to America in 1985, and landed in Washington State as her home till the present.  She graduated from Handok Women's High School in South Korea in 1971 and attended Pierce College to study Music.  She is a talented pianist and singer.  Chanmee is married with two children and three grandchildren.  She's been with APCC since early 2010.  She's been the Finance person for APCC since then and is still here working hard for the growth of the organization.  Chanmee has over twenty (20) years of experience in Finance, Tourism/Travel, and employment L&I work.  Chanmee and her husband Steven Lee minister to a small Korean Community Tacoma First Glory Church.


You can reach Ms. Chanmee at 253-383-3900 or

Mrs. Sinoun Hem
Program Manager - Youth Program

Sinoun Hem started with APCC in 2010.  She is the leader of the Promised Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Program (PLOT).  The PLOT program is to specifically serve but not limited to Asia Pacific students in any school of Pierce County.  Sinoun has been serving youth at different organizations providing opportunities for youth to excel in life as well as providing resources awareness and connections for their families.  Her commitment to helping Asia Pacific children and youth stems from her childhood in Cambodia, surviving the war camps and turmoil that plagued the country during that time, and later the experience of her family’s immigration to the U.S. She earned a Masters of Education in Guidance and Counseling degree in 1997 from City University, BA in 1995 from Evergreen State College, and AA degree in 1993 from Tacoma Community College.  She worked many years as a counselor and nutrition education specialist before joining APCC. For over 35 years she has devoted her life to working advocate for and improving the lives of young people, women, single parents, and all families. Ms. Hem believes education is the key to success for our youth to be productive and engaged individuals in our society. Her philosophy is "Enter to Learn and Exit to Serve".


You can reach Ms. Sinoun at 253-383-3900 or

Ms. Leena
Program Manager - Business and Community Engagement Services

Leena joined the APCC family in 2021 to lead the newly developed Business and Community Engagement Services (BCES) department.  She has been instrumental in planning, developing, and implementing the BCES Program. In her work, she draws on her life’s experiences as a first-generation Vietnamese immigrant and college graduate in her family.  Leena received her BA degree in 2010 from University of WA Seattle for Geography and a BA in American Ethnic Studies.  She received her MA degree in International Development Administration in 2013 from Western Michigan University. 


Her family settled in Tacoma, WA after arriving to the United States in 1991 -only to face the hardships of language barriers and cultural isolation in their beginning years. It was with the help of the AAPI community that she and her family received the necessary support to adapt and acculturate to the new environment. Her passion for advocacy and equity had led her to work in the Washington Legislature and campaigns before arriving at APCC.  Leena speaks Vietnamese and English languages.  Leena is committed to empowering the AAPI community through responsive and culturally appropriate outreach, just as this community had done so for herself and her family in the past.


You can reach Ms. Leena at 253-383-3900 or

Ms. Ala Talo
Program Manager - Cultural Programs

Ala Talo joined APCC in 2017 as the Program Manager of all APCC Cultural programs. She has over a decade of experience managing cultural programs and working with children in after-school activities.  Before APCC Ala worked for the Metro Parks Tacoma.   Ala takes pride in her work and she is excellent in working with diverse populations.  She is fluent in Samoan and English languages.  Ala is especially talented in working with children of all ages.  Children of all ages love to be around Ala as a teacher.  She has miraculous mannerisms that are attractive to students and adults which makes them want to learn from Ala.  For her volunteer community work, she is the Executive Programming Director and proud co-founder of Hearts for Kids.  Ala has great organizational skills and is an exceptional event planner.  Ala Talo is a proud mother of four adult children. She is an advocate voice and a reliable organizer for the Samoan Community in Pierce County. Ala has and continue to have extensive professional training throughout her work in the past and present.  

You can reach Ms. Ala at 253-383-3900 or

Jasmine Argel
Development Associate

Mrs. Jasmine Argel joined APCC over a decade ago, bringing her valuable talent, dedication, and life experiences as a second-generation Filipina-American to the organization. She earned a Bachelors of Science at the University of Washington and earned a Masters of Business Administration at Hawaii Pacific University. Having grown up in a military family, she has lived all over the world and has a deep appreciation and respect for all the diverse cultures. Her strong work ethic and commitment to helping the community is evident in the great work that she does at APCC with researching, planning, writing, and monitoring grants, as well as assisting with marketing, program development, and other projects. Jasmine is also an active member of the Filipino community of Pierce County.

Tanielu Tuilagi
Manager - Facilities and Maintenance

Hailed from the village of Faganeanea American Samoa in 1996 - landed in Garden Grove California.  Tanielu is the 7th child of twelve children from his Mom and Dad.  Graduated from Manu'a High School in1979.  He immediately joined the US Army after High School in 1979 at the age of 18yrs old.  His area of training and work in the Military was electrical engineering.  He is married with four children and one grandchild.  Tanielu is fluent bilingual Samoan and English.  Tanielu resides in the city of Lakewood WA with his wife and children.  After work at APCC, he is found at his Samoan Church in Tacoma, cleaning and helping out in any way he can.  He is an ordained Deacon for over 15 years and is a core leader of the Congregational Christian Church of American Samoa - Fort Lewis WA.