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Board members of Asia Pacific Cultural Center have teamed up to raise funds for our new building. Follow the link to donate to any Board member's page -
More than a quarter-century of community service


As we celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2021, the community recognized the need for replacement of the current cultural center building where APCC has served tens of thousands of community members over the past decade within the former community center operated at South Park.


Creating a space that meets programming needs

The current building has been modified many times over the years to accommodate various uses, but even with these updates, the building doesn’t offer spaces designed to effectively support the programs and events we provide. And, the aging infrastructure of the building provides other operating challenges as well. We have been talking with the community over the course of several years about developing a new building designed to better support our cultural programs. This webpage is dedicated to providing you with information about our proposed new building as we work to replace the current structure with one designed to enhance our community and cultural center visitor experiences.

Proposed Design Features

Our organization is actively preparing plans in coordination with Metro Parks to replace the existing building with one providing more functional space for the following visitor experiences. The proposed plan is for the construction of a new building within the existing building’s footprint which will include the following features:

  • Arts Gallery

  • Performing Arts Center

  • Welcome Center

  • Corridor of Nations

  • Community Gift Shop

  • Culinary Demonstration Kitchen

  • Asia Pacific Garden

  • Asia Pacific Library

  • Community Courtyard

  • Tea Room

Our updated proposal reflects how a newly designed building can accommodate the interests of the tens of thousands of community members who engage in the cultural center’s activities each year by creating a new building that will replace the aging one which currently houses the cultural center.

To see the proposed floor plan, please click here.

For more information about our partnership with Metro Parks, visit:


  • Why is a new building needed?
    Despite many modifications to the building over the years, it lacks the appropriate spaces for many programs and events. For example, the new building will feature a teaching kitchen enabling APCC to provide in-person culinary arts classes. A new auditorium that will be able to accommodate between 400-500 guests – increasing the number of guests who can take part in performing arts events and cultural celebrations by approximately 25%.
  • I heard that the cultural center was going to include housing.  Is that still part of the plan?
    No. When engaging the neighboring community in discussions about the cultural center’s vision, APCC took to heart concerns that they heard about providing housing services within the park. They substantially scaled back from their original $38 million vision which would have included a housing component, to an estimated $9.8 million project focused solely on the replacement of the outdated building. While housing remains a need and something APCC would like to locate near the center, they are exploring alternative non-park properties to identify opportunities where that need can be addressed in the future.
  • What would happen to the existing building?
    The current building would be demolished to clear the existing footprint for the construction of the new cultural center.
  • How can APCC offer more and stay within the same footprint?
    Administrative offices will be moved to the second floor as part of the new design freeing up space on the main floor. This allows for larger key features like the auditorium and kitchen to expand, increasing the array of programs APCC and enhancing visitor experiences.
  • How many of the rare Gary Oak trees will be removed for this projecty?
    None. APCC and their consultants have taken great care to ensure no Garry Oaks or ANY mature trees will be removed. They have reconfigured the design plan to fit within the existing center footprint.
  • Why did Metro Parks remove three older trees at South Park recently?
    Metro Parks’ Arborist routinely inspects and documents our urban tree plantings within our park properties. During an inspection in early 2021 of the trees at South Park, over three-quarter of the tree canopy (branches) on one of the park’s Garry Oaks was dead. This inspection also identified one mature cherry tree that was dead and a pine tree that was in decline. During a follow up inspection in October the entire tree canopy of the Garry Oak was dead. The areas surrounding the trees were littered with dead branches. Due to the public safety risks the dead trees posed, Metro Parks contracted for their removal. Garry Oaks are rare trees which Metro Parks stewards with the utmost attention for tree protection. This is the first Garry Oak in our system that has died and required removal during the time since our arborist arrived in 2014. Several Garry Oaks were planted at South Park in 2020 adjacent to the repave project near the playground. The remaining Garry Oaks that are located near the one that died appear to be in good shape and we are hopeful that the recent removal was an isolated case.
  • Will APCC own the land that the new center is built on?
    No, the property will remain as public park land. In 2020, Metro Parks entered into a 20-year lease with APCC for the cultural center to operate at South Park. Metro Parks is drafting a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlining amendments that would be made to the existing lease agreement at the point the project is ready to undergo construction.
  • Who can take part in Asia Pacific Cultural Center Activities?
    Classes, events, activities and celebrations are open to anyone in the community who would like to participate and several events and celebrations throughout the year are free to attend.
  • Who do I contact if I have questions about this project.
    Asia Pacific Cultural Center is the lead agency on the project design and construction plans for the new cultural center building. if you have questions about the building, please contact APCC at 253-383-3900 or email Lua Pritchard at If you have questions about South Park, please email Metro Parks Communications manager Nancy Johnson at
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