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APCC is proud to be the host of the first solo exhibition of the Urban Studies Series by Horatio Hun


Horatio Hung-Yan Law was born in Hong Kong to Chinese parents and moved to the US at the age of sixteen. With this multi-cultural background, he has developed an artistic practice whose subjects include the Chinese immigrant’s experience, reinterpretations of cultural icons, trans-cultural adoptions, the Iraq War, and the current culture of consumption. His work often tackles weighty subjects with ephemeral and unexpected materials, creating quiet, conflicting, meditative and evocative works. In studio work, public art, and community residencies, Law deploys common cultural artifacts to explore issues of identity, memory, and the loss and gain of cross-cultural struggle in the evolving global community. Horatio Law resides in Portland, Oregon.

Horatio Hung-Yan Law is a public art and installation artist who is interested in creating collaborative installations with diverse communities, and in exploring how art activates the complex and dynamic relationship between individual and community. Tacoma residents will recognize Law’s shimmering Cloud Gates over 38th Street in the Lincoln District where he served in creating the comprehensive art plan.

Other public art projects include the Redmond Overlake Streetscape Renovation, the King County Children & Family Justice Center Facade and Entrance Project in Seattle, and The AMP: AIDS Memorial Pathway, AIDS Remembrance at Cal Anderson Park in Seattle to name just a few projects.


Urban Studies was actually a byproduct of trying to entertain myself while performing my daily walking exercise by photographing my surroundings and the places I passed through during my five-mile walk every other day. No, I did not intend them to become a series, but when I tried to put a framework around these seemingly random snapshots, the title “Urban Studies” took hold. Suddenly, grouping these snapshots under this title made sense, and it in turn motivated me to do more and post these photographs on social media as a group. So far, I have posted almost 1,400 entries on Instagram and Facebook.

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