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Diverse Expressions: Celebrating Indian Art at the APCC Gallery

Artist Reception - March 2nd from 3:30-5:30 pm at APCC with artists' introductions at the beginning and mingling with food and drinks. All the artists will be in attendance.

Asia Pacific Cultural Center (APCC) is proud to showcase the extraordinary talents of four renowned artists from India – Aaliyah Gupta, Exta Gupta, Jayshree Krishnan, and Kamla Kakaria. Their captivating works of art are currently on display at the APCC gallery, inviting art enthusiasts to embark on a visual journey through the rich and diverse cultural tapestry of India.

A Glimpse into the Artists

Aaliyah Gupta, a Kolkata, India native with a lineage of resilient and unconventional women, explores cartography and memory in her recent works. Having exhibited globally and lived in cities like New York and Copenhagen, she now calls Seattle home and is a member of the Equinox Studios community. Aaliyah has earned artist residencies at prestigious institutions such as Ucross Foundation and Vermont Studio Center.

Her art has graced exhibitions at renowned venues like Brand Library & Arts Center, PrintMatters, Houston, Bellevue Arts Museum, and Museum of History & Industry. Beyond her studio endeavors, Aaliyah is a passionate advocate for immigrant rights, having founded Chaya, an organization supporting South Asian survivors of domestic violence.

Exta Gupta, a pharmacist turned artist, specializes in colored pencil creations that capture the beauty of nature and play with light and shadow on faces. Her art journey began in 2009, evolving into a passion for various media like acrylics, charcoal, and pastels, exploring genres from realism to cubism. A self-taught artist, she received instruction from notable artists in Tulsa, OK, and Seattle, WA.

Ekta, a member of art societies, has showcased her work at local galleries, juried shows, and art fairs in the Puget Sound area. She curated shows, facilitated art markets, and instructed at various institutions. Her commissioned works, featured in prominent publications, include pieces for a Hollywood producer and a corporate conglomerate. She donates proceeds from art sales to, making over 1,300 microloans to underprivileged individuals globally.

Jayshree Krishnan art is an exploration of the poetic beauty in the movements of raptors through the skies. Delving into the invisible repetitive patterns created by these birds in flight, she poses the imaginative question of what if they left contrails like jet planes for us to see, inviting us to perceive a visual poetry in the sky. The inspiration for this body of work is drawn from the 13th-century Sanskrit poem Garuda Gati, a 32-syllable poem accompanied by a diagram with letters arranged in a peculiar order that traces the flight path of the Brahminy Kite. This revelation, aligned with certain photographers' studies of raptors' flight patterns, led Jayashree to create a series focused on capturing the dynamic movement of both the poem and the raptors.

The collection primarily centers on two raptors, Vultures and Kites, with a specific technique employed in creating textured backgrounds using cold wax and sand to convey both distance and movement. Growing up in India, Jayashree's cultural background and the portrayal of these birds as demigods in mythology infuse a sense of reverence for the natural world into her art. The paintings serve as an invitation for viewers to pause, gaze at the skies differently, and contemplate the magical patterns left by the raptors in flight.

Kamla Kakaria - with a background in printmaking and painting, has recently immersed herself in the realm of creating installations. Transitioning from traditional mediums, the freedom inherent in crafting environments has enabled her to produce work that transcends individual confines, extending beyond the conventional frame into public spaces. This shift has not only resulted in a more personally fulfilling artistic expression but has also sparked engaging conversations with viewers. Kakaria envisions her artistic trajectory moving towards an existence within space itself, stepping away from the confines of walls and frames. Simultaneously, she recognizes the importance of sharing her cultural visual perspective with a broader audience, highlighting her aspiration to connect with a larger and more diverse viewership.

In the evolution of her art, Kakaria finds satisfaction in the dynamic nature of installations and anticipates an ongoing journey into public spaces, fostering a deeper engagement with her audience while broadening the reach of her cultural narratives.

A Celebration of Diversity:

The exhibition at APCC is not only a celebration of the artists' individual talents but also a testament to the cultural diversity that defines India. The varied styles and themes presented by Aaliyah Gupta, Exta Gupta, Jayshree Krishnan, and Kamla Kakaria showcase the multifaceted nature of Indian art, emphasizing its ability to transcend boundaries and resonate with a global audience.

Visiting the APCC Gallery:

Art enthusiasts and cultural aficionados are encouraged to visit the APCC gallery to experience the beauty of artworks from the many cultures and countries that APCC serves.

APCC extends a warm welcome to all, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the world of colors, emotions, and narratives that these incredible artists have brought to life.

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