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Joel's Most Memorable Moment!

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

The community is helping us raise awareness for our New Building Project one memory at a time. We are sharing some of our community member's Most Memorable Moments with APCC in a series of stories. Joel, founder of Guma’ Imahe , shares inspiring moments with the Asia Pacific Cultural Center.

Saina Joel has been teaching Bailan Chamorro and other aspects of the culture since 1996. Saina Joel is the founder and instructor for Guma' Imahe and he’s made it his life’s work to bring the teachings of his culture to so many. Let’s join Joel as he takes a trip down memory lane.

“My most memorable moment with Asia Pacific Cultural Center dates back to 2012.” Says Joel. Guma’ Imahe began their journey in a 3-car garage with 24 dancers who came together to bring their culture to the community. As they began to grow and expand, more space was needed. Joel was referred to APCC for a solution to his issue with space, and without hesitation, they quickly agreed. Joel explains that this is where Guma’ Imahe and APCC's relationship began. “The space was perfect for us, and we felt welcomed. We first came to APCC in July of 2012, and we are still there today.”

Guma' Imahe was created out of a love for dance. Guma' Imahe is not just dancing and chanting, it’s a deeper spiritual aspect that must be learned and felt by each simiya. Asia Pacific Cultural Center is the hub for Asian and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander communities to expand and share their stories. Joel is passionate about the work he does and is proud of his community. He explains how APCC supported Guma ‘Imahe’s journey from the very beginning.We will always value our relationship with the Asia Pacific Cultural Center. We will walk hand and hand with APCC, as they lead the community and expand into their new home.

More Memorable Moments!

Joel hosted the New Years Celebration back in 2017 and attracted the attendance of ten thousand community members! A delegation comprised of Guam’s council members, private sector, and government representatives traveled to WA to show their support. The Chamorro community presence here in WA is strong. The 2017 New Year Celebration left everyone inspired. The government of Guam gave a resolution in recognition of this event and continues to act on ways to support the Guma‘Imahe program.

For more information about Guma ‘Imahe please visit

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