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Our Last Taste of Asia Features Indonesia

Dec. 3rd, 2022, 11 am at APCC. Taste of Asia Featuring Indonesia.

Call us at 253-383-3900 or sign up online at

This year’s culinary journey ends with amazing and delicious dishes.

Learn to make Bakwan Sayur (Vegetable Fritters)

Kolak Pinanglabu (Banana and pumpkin in coconut milk

Presented by: Bulan Scheel

The main dish Bakwan Sayur is a vegetable fritter or gorengan from Indonesian cuisine. Bakwan is usually sold by traveling street vendors. The ingredients are vegetables; usually, beansprouts, shredded cabbages, and carrots, battered and deep-fried in cooking oil.

Participants are also taste testers of the delicious dishes. Don't hesitate to sign up as we anticipate the spots will be filled quickly.

This demonstration starts at 11 am. Please come a little early.

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