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APCC Presents Inaugural Art Exhibition Celebrating Samoan and Chinese Artists

The exhibition will kick off with an opening reception on June 26 from 3:00 to 5:00 pm, located at 3513 East Portland Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98404. This event provides an opportunity for art enthusiasts, cultural enthusiasts, and the local community to engage with the artists and gain deeper insights into their creative processes.

Asia Pacific Cultural Center (APCC) is thrilled to announce its inaugural art exhibition, showcasing the talent and creativity of artists from Samoa and China. Curated by APCC's Board member June Sekiguchi, the exhibition will take place in the center's new temporary building located at 3513 East Portland Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98404. This unique event aims to foster cultural exchange and appreciation while highlighting the diversity of artistic expressions within the Asia Pacific region.

The exhibition will feature the works of two esteemed Samoan artists, Kamu of Kaydrey's Polynesian Tattoo and Marialina Wallace, alongside the captivating artistry of Chinese artist Yichao Zhang. Each artist brings their distinct style and perspective, offering visitors a rich and immersive experience through their artwork.

Visitors will have the pleasure of exploring the artworks on display until September 6th. This extended period allows ample time for individuals to fully immerse themselves in the diverse and thought-provoking collection. The exhibition promises to be an enriching experience, fostering cross-cultural understanding and appreciation among attendees.

APCC's inaugural art exhibition is a testament to the organization's commitment to showcasing the vibrant cultures of the Asia Pacific region. By providing a platform for talented artists from Samoa and China, this event aims to foster cultural exchange, celebrate diversity, and encourage dialogue about the transformative power of art.

Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of this captivating journey through the artistic expressions of Samoa and China. Join the opening reception on June 26th and explore the exhibition until September 6th. Immerse yourself in a world of creativity and cultural appreciation at the Asia Pacific Cultural Center's new temporary building in Tacoma, Washington.

For more information, please APCC at 253-383-3900.

Kamu of Kaydrey's Polynesian Tattoo

Marialina Wallace

Yichao Zhang

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