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Eleven Martial Arts Schools to Kick It Up at the 25th New Year Celebration

Are you READY? Punches, kicks, board breaking, weapons, throws, holds, locks, and more happening at the Martial Arts Demo Stage. This is a great opportunity for spectators to learn about different styles of martial arts and see them in action.

Want to try kicking some pads or test out some different holds or locks? Audience participation is always encouraged at the Martial Arts Demonstration Stage at APCC’s 25th Annual New Year Celebration!

APCC is pleased to announce eleven (yes, eleven!) Martial Arts schools who will present their unique styles. There are hundreds of different disciplines around the world, and for one day we are bringing together martial arts forms from many different countries: Okinawa, Vietnam, Japan, Cambodia, Korea, China, Indonesia, Brazil, Philippines, Thailand, and Samoa. We welcome all of these wonderful schools, and we welcome all of you to come and experience the great energy and power of Martial Arts.

The 25th Annual Asia Pacific New Year Celebration is a FREE, family-friendly cultural event held at the Tacoma Dome Exhibition Hall on February 25, 2023. See you there!

See below the list of the amazing Martial Arts schools that will be at the demo stage.

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