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FREE Native Plant Transfer Workshop. Aug 5, 2023. 1 - 3pm

Please RSVP to reserve your spot at All ages welcome.

Yoshi’s project Furusato, meaning homeland in Japanese, is a series of paper quilts, sewn together from printmaking images of Northwest flora and landscapes, hand printed on Japanese washi paper. This project explores and acknowledges homeland, specifically friendships and the mutual generosity between Indigenous- and Japanese-Americans—both communities bonded by empathy for loss of their land and homes.

The prints made in this workshop will be hand sewn together as a community quilt, shown at the Furusato exhibition in October 2024 and donated to the Asia Pacific Cultural Center. The intention is to bring communities together to appreciate our natural world, patching and mending wounds while creating a sense of home.

Yoshi is a visual artist and gardener based in Tacoma, specializing in printmaking for over 20 years. She pulled her first print at the University of Puget Sound, and continued her craft in Seattle and Oaxaca, Mexico. Her artwork is influenced by patterns of the natural world and Japanese textiles, along with experiences living in Oaxaca and Japan. She has exhibited and taught workshops in the US, Mexico, Canada, Japan, South Africa and Honduras.

Funded in part by the Tacoma Artists Initiative Program, City of Tacoma Arts Commission.

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